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Friday 6 January 2012

Getting Behind

Oh dear, its Friday and I haven't posted a blog since Tuesday, there's a bit of catching up to do.
On Wednesday we had another day dodging showers around Leamington.
The pump house

 Jephson Park is lovely and we spent some time wandering round the gardens and feeding the squirrels, (no, we didn't have Jumble with us!).
All Saints Church across the pond

another view of the church across the River Leam

along the river

loving the winter colours here

In the park is a Temperate House where all kinds of tropical plants from around the world are grown, here's a few of them...

Didn't make notes of their names, just enjoyed them, but I think the last one is Bird of Paradise.
Went a bit mad with squirrel pics, they were fun, but move very quickly!
on the lookout

I can do it!

back to safety, mmmmm.

are you hiding some?

gimme another one

At which point the battery on the camera went flat.
Then I remembered that the spare battery and charger had been left at mum and dad's over Christmas time, uh oh, bother.
I'll have to think of some interesting things to write from now on!!!


  1. Oh nooooo!! How often do you pick up your post?

    Squirrels are brilliant. I love the watch their antics. A couple of years back, I had one which would come and look through my patio window begging for peanuts. The current bunch are less bold.