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Silent Movement - Our gap year travelling the inland waterways

Sunday 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

Just a quick post to wish all our readers our very best wishes for 2012. Thanks to old friends who have been reading of our adventures and to new friends met along the way or those we have yet to meet on the cut. Happy New Year to you all.
January 2011 was the start of my blog as we got ready to leave our home, jobs and family in Sussex and start our 'gap year' (well, 18 months actually) travelling the inland waterways. It also means we have now completed 9 months of that time.  It's going so fast!
We have covered 1561 miles and worked 1282 locks. Do you think we will make our aim of covering the rest of the canals and rivers before October?  If the weather stays as mild as it has been over the next 2 months maybe we're in for a chance.
We returned to Tacet late on Thursday night, and left Gayton on Friday after shopping, returning the hire car and refilling the water tank. Just a short cruise to Weedon.
Yesterday we moved on to Braunston, locking through Buckby and Braunston locks with nb Teal, thanks for waiting and your help guys.

And today we have moved on to Long Itchington on the way back to Leamington Spa, as we came through without stopping a few weeks ago and would like to look around there.
Friday - Sunday
25 miles, 26 locks


  1. The speed you guys move at you'll be round the entire network at least twice by then; sorry we missed each other - first you weren't back, then you were gone!

  2. Yeah, we needed water as we had drained the tank in case of a freeze while away. So after returning car and shopping all before breakfast were getting desperate!
    Hope you had good Christmas away, it's good to be back though isn't it?