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Tuesday 31 January 2012

Getting Colder

Yesterday was another lovely bright sunny day although feeling colder. We continued on our way back to Braunston on the lovely, winding South Oxford canal.

We met a couple of other boats on the move today, enjoying the sunshine.
A great day for reflections in the water.

The lichen on the wall was a really lovely golden colour in the sun.

The sun setting just as we tied up in a quiet spot below the locks at Claydon.

This morning we walked into Claydon just for a wander round before setting off today.  It was cold, and though there was no frost on the ground, there was some ice on the water.
As we got to the first of the 5 locks a boat was just coming out, good timing, the same with the second, and the fourth! So many on the move today, getting to a good place in case of a freeze, perhaps.

No sun today, with a misty haze and heavy clouds and a few icy showers. This farmer was spreading something on his fields, leaving a cloud behind him.

And despite the cold, we saw our first lambs in the fields.

And finally, moss on the lock edge, glistening with frost, looking very pretty.

17 miles, 12 locks

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  1. The moss does look pretty. The lambs are very early. They will need their woolly fleeces!