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Wednesday 18 January 2012


A bit of a quiet day today, wandering around Lechlade, lots of antique shops to browse, we enjoyed that. Ian found a few tilley lamps and stoves, but resisted the temptation.
St Lawrence Church in Lechlade which can be seen for quite a while as you cruise up the river.

The Baptist Chapel tucked away.

Ha'penny Bridge toll house. So called as it cost a halfpenny to cross the river here.

At the wharf, behind the pub, this row of cottages, the end one being the canal managers house.

The village meadow is very attractive with a pond and houses round.  We went on a walk to get a closer look at the start of the Thames and Severn Canal, but unfortunately couldn't get very close, the footpaths not leading very close.

But we got a closer look at Inglesham round house at the junction of the Thames and the Thames and Severn canal.  Seem to have lost some photos taken yesterday, bother!
Tomorrow we shall make our way back towards Oxford.

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