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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Aiming for Anglesey

As we left Sneyd this morning it didn't feel too cold, though it was quite blowy and cloudy.

Maybe the wind would keep those black clouds away.
As we made our way along the Curley Wyrley (Wyrley & Essington) we passed

boarded and fenced off sites,

demolition sites,
open common sites,
and farmland too.  Also housing estates and modern industrial units.
At Pelsall Common we turned onto the Cannock Extension Canal to Wyrley Common. At one time it connected to the Staffs and Worc Canal.
A very straight section of waterway, at the end are 2 canal basins and private moorings.  This was the site of the Brownhills Colliery.  A very helpful man came out of his workshop and helped us to wind Tacet in the narrow space between 3 abreast boats.

The sun was out making the colours stand out.
So now we had cruised another arm of the BCN and we arrived back at Pelsall Junction,

The narrow passage back onto the Curley Wyrley. I guess the hose was a toll house once.
The common opposite was once the site of an iron works.

On our way to Catshill Junction we stopped at Tesco to stock up, plenty of room to moor here.
Then it was on to Anglesey Basin where we intended to moor for the night. It started to rain this afternoon, but not too much.
At Freeth Bridge we got stuck by something in the water, not sure what, but with a bit of  reversing and heaving on the ropes, we got moving again.
However just on the approach to the basin at the end of this branch the canal was blocked and a small sign said Canal Closed.  So we moored up just there and went to investsigate.  The basin has been closed off whilst work is carried out between the canal end and the reservoir, it looks like, and maybe something to be done to the bank edges round the basin.
So no other boats, but it is very quiet and feels quite safe.
The sunset this evening was lovely.

Tacet at the end of the rainbow

Todays Autumn picture

13 miles, 0 locks

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  1. That is a beautiful sunset and I love the narrow passage to the Curley Wyrley.