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Friday, 11 November 2011

Saul to Sharpness

This morning we took a walk along the Stroudwater canal line, some of it is in water, some rather overgrown and some needs some digging! 
Taking a turning off we headed into the village of Frampton, which has an amazing village green, at half a mile long there is a lot to see...
our first view, stretching ahead with a road up the middle
one of the three ponds
lovely old house with stone roof and dovecote
the wool barn in the farmyard alongside the green
village green cottages
another pond with more cottages opposite
and looking back from the other end.
There were also a couple of pubs, a restaurant, a post office and a garage along one side of the green and a large estate property on the other side. Many of the village properties were old, this one is for sale,
if you don't mind a bit of restoration. 
Back to the canal and there was the church
It was a lovely walk round, about 2 hours altogether.
On the move again and more bridges, the BW men always see us coming or perhaps they radio ahead.
Into Sharpness and this is the view from the end of the canal back across the Severn estaury.
Looking towards Bristol

Back towards Tewkesbury

an old lock from the canal rather silted up
the docks

this ship was having its bulkheads moved to make compartments for loading china clay from Cornwall
another view out towards Bristol, we could just see the Severn crossing.

Autumn picture for today...

I think its a magnolia (can anyone confirm?)

Just look at those seeds.
We had just returned from our wander around the docks and the estaury, about an hour-and-a-half walk this time, when the rain started. So the fire was lit and we settled down to a quiet evening in. (very quiet as no signal for the telly!)
8 miles, 0 locks, 8 bridges

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