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Saturday, 12 November 2011


This morning we walked along the river bank of the Severn which runs alongside the Gloucester and Sharpness canal. At Purton there is an old working boats graveyard.

The banks of the Severn have suffered from erosion from the tide, so redundant and unwanted vessels have been gounded and allowed to fill with silt.  
This created a barrier to stop the river eroding into the canal embankment. 
These old working boats now form the largest collection of historic inland waterway craft in Britain.
Most were wooden boats now like giant rib cages sticking thorough the mud.
Some were a group of concrete lighters which are still pretty much complete.
Tonight we are back in Gloucester, where we shall spend the next few days.
Am thinking of entering Jumble for the 'canal-loving canine' marketing campaign for the launch of the new Canal & River Trust. They want a doggie face to promote the waterways. I think he's in for a chance, but then perhaps I could be biased!
15 miles, 0 locks, 10 bridges

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  1. Go ahead and enter him. Nothing ventured...

    The redundant boats look rather forlorn, abandoned and left to decay.