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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Tewkesbury Tales

Yesterday we enjoyed pottering around Tewkesbury, the abbey, lovely old bookshops, tea-rooms, the oldest Baptist chapel in England, and generally not doing much.
Old corn mill
The end of the river.
Tewkesbury Abbey
Today we set off for Gloucester leaving the River Avon through the lock on to the River Severn just after 9am.
The Severn is wider than the Avon though not as twisty and turny. There are three locks, all manned so all I had to do was hold a rope.
The last lock takes you up into Gloucester docks
leaving the lock into the docks

The lovely warehouse buildings around the docks
and the not so lovely, though just as interesting
I'm glad I don't have to climb the rigging on Tacet!
under the lift bridge..
past the light ship..
past Sainsbury's...

note the blue skies, it didn't last for long.
So now we're on the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal which is effectively the Severn by-pass down to Sharpness docks. It is a wide canal but with no commercial traffic any more. There are a number of swing/lift bridges again manned by BW staff, so an easy cruise for us today.
Bridge Keeper's cottage, 
These cottages are peculiar to this canal, with their grand doric columns and pediments, perhaps a bit out of place on a single storey cottage. All part of the charm of the canals.
We moored tonight at Saul junction and walked down to the Severn which is very wide and with the tide out, shallow.
20 miles, 3 locks, 3 bridges

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  1. Hi Ian and Karen, Do use the Dockers club when you get to the end of the Sharpness canal, its a members club, but you can pay a £1 to join temporarily and the food and drink is excellent, as well as the locals. Have a great time. Doug