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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Short ride to Longwood

A shortish cruise today from Anglesey basin to Longwood Junction, about 3 hours altogether. No locks again today, but tomorrow will make up for that!
At Anglesey there is this shute/slope/?. We weren't sure if it was from days of loading boats or for channelling water from Chasewater Reservoir as a feeder for the canal. Perhaps someone will be able to tell us.

A little way along the canal were some more obvious loading shutes or remains of.

The journey along the Daw End Branch takes you along some high embankments, past factory sites, sports grounds and huge clay pits still being worked. They really were very deep.
It has been a lovely bright sunny day, and after getting here to Longwood we caught a bus into Walsall, to look around there and most importantly to post 2 advent calendars off to Bradford and Oxford!

7 miles

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