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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Living in a Museum

With our penchant for period furniture, gas lighting, tilley lamps and following the lives of boating families from the past, our children always thought we were not of this century. So staying in the museum site suits us fine.  We have had a lovely day wandering through the streets of the reconstructed villages set mostly in Victorian times with some areas older and some 1930's.
The weather has been fine and sunny, although a bit cold. Many houses and buildings had coal fires burning so there is the smell of coal all around. Not as choking as it would have been in the days of all the mining and industry here I guess.
the village pub

the Methodist Church

the canalside cottages with nail makers workshop at the end

one side of the back to back houses

joey boats alongside the lime kilns

overlooking the boat builders and ironworks

Ian up against the strong arm of the law!

he was let off with a caution

the sweet shop and bakers were tempting

the 1930's street with motorcycle shop, radio shop and plumbers

mens outfitters, fish and chip restaurant

1930's cast iron houses

gas street lighting

We loved the authentic shops, streets, shopkeepers etc. Just a few things out of place, the black bin liner! and the electric light bulbs strung across the Victorian street (I think for Christmas).  The black kitchen ranges were so lovely, I want one! ('til it needs cleaning I suppose).
looking towards Dudley tunnel

We have had a great day here.
gas lamp again
We especially love the gas lighting both indoors and out.  This one is right by our mooring.


  1. Ian
    I have been following your progress with interest. For one moment I thought you had taken Tacet up Parkhead Locks - not a lot of boats go there. Sneyd Junction offers an excellent mooring - I am assuming you are approaching from Wolverhampton. I tend to moor on the tap so I away from the towpath. But before I do I have a chat with the residential moorers who always seem happy at agree if asked. Where to after Sneyd - Brownhills? Here is my preferred list:

  2. Hi Karen and Ian
    I love the Black Country Living Museum - when you get into Brum proper don't miss the National Trusts Back to Backs - really worth a visit!

  3. Hi Captain Ahab,
    Wish we had gone up Parkhead locks now, but it was very wet and it would have been a case of straight up and down again and Mrs Common Sense prevailed! Thanks for your really helpful list of mooring sites. We are in BW spot at Sneyd tonight. Tomorrow will head for Anglesey Basin.
    Thanks Ian and Karen

  4. I love it too, I think I was born in the wrong century!
    We have got the Back to Backs in mind.
    Thanks Karen