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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Stratford -On-Avon

This morning we ventured out of the basin and onto the River Avon. After the rain yesterday and last night the river level was higher than it has been but just on the amber level, not too worrying.
We turned left, all right to port, and made our way to the end of the navigable river at Alveston weir.
To be honest we couldn't quite see the weir, though we could hear it, the way ahead was rather narrow, reedy and there was no room to turn.  
So we had to reverse back to a wider stretch to turn the boat around.
The upper, Upper Avon is really quiet and peaceful and really pretty. some of the houses along the way were amazing giving way to caravan and mobile home parks.
Very nice.
Coming back into Stratford, I think the views of the theatre from the river are the best.

Looking back to the canal under the new footbridge (2009) which replaced David Hutchings' original which was not very wide and could no longer accommodate all the visitors to the basin.
The Stratford-on-Avon canal was the first to be reopened (in 1964) following years of hard work from a team of volunteers led by David Hutchings and Robert Aickman. It was originally owned by the National Trust, but is now managed by BW. The Avon also was unnavigable until work finished in 1974.

As you sweep past the theatre, the parish church comes into view.
the colours were lovely this morning although there was no sun,
and the park on the other side too.
A last view of the church as we enter the first lock on our way down river towards Tewkesbury.
Tonight we are moored above the lock at Bidford, listening to and watching fireworks through the window.
12 miles, 6 locks


  1. We really enjoyed the River Avon in 2008, Hope you enjoy your trip to Tewkesbury, we did find that there weren't many moorings available, but the ones they have can be found near the locks. Have a great time.. Doug and James

  2. That property is extremely grand! I dread to think how much it costs being that size and located where it is!

    The colours of the trees really are beautiful; even in the grey of the day.