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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Computer problems

It seems a long time since I was able to sit down to blog.
Last Friday when we turned on the laptop it started panicking and tried to start saving files, but then gave up the ghost and we were left with a machine reverted to factory settings and unable to do anything. Fortunately only a few days earlier we had backed up all our information and photos, so although some stuff is lost, not too much has gone for ever.
A nice man came out to us at Worcester, took it away and eventually brought it back to us at Stourport.
So it is now working again but as always seems to be the case lots of things are different and it takes a bit of getting used to.

Anyway we had the weekend in Worcester,

Morris Men out for Children in Need on Saturday

Then on Monday we were back on the River Severn to Stourport, where we could use the very convenient shops, chandlery and services.

We also looked up Lesley and Joe from narroboat Caxton who have become temporary residents of Stourport whilst their new boat Yarwood is being built. We caught Lesley having a pyjama day! Sorry Lesley, but she came out to find us on Tacet later and we enjoyed a cuppa and a natter on all things boaty. It was good to meet up with and we shall look forward to seeing them on their new boat soon.

It was a beautiful day and on our journey up to Wolverly the scenes were lovely with some amazing colours and great reflections.......

We stopped at Woverley in a quiet spot for the night, waking up to a cold frosty morning.  We walked into the village, another lovely Worcetershire village built around and into the soft red sandstone.

looking over the fields to the village and church

road cut through the rock

a former smithy in the rock

We continued back up the Staffs and Worc to Stewponey and then turned onto a new canal for us, the Stourbridge and stopped in the basin at the end of Stourbridge Town Arm.

Today Ian is away at a conference in Stratford, so I am catching up on housework, perhaps that should be boatwork!, and the blog.

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  1. You have taken two beautiful photos with reflections! They are quality!!