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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Mistletoe morning

The view from our window this morning over Pershore recreation ground to the leisure centre. It was very quiet here last night.

Pershore Abbey

Asda is just a few minutes away too, so after another look around town and a few supplies from Asda we were ready to move on.
Today has been hazy but not really cold. Along the river not many boats were moving, we saw one today, this cruiser looks quite lonely, most cruisers at boatclubs have been lifted out of the water for the winter,
out of reach of high water levels, I suppose.

Along the way today we noticed loads of mistletoe growing in all kinds of trees. Obviously this is an area that suits Mistletoe, I didn't realise it grew on so many different host trees,  hawthorn, ash, willow, as well as apple. So now you know where to come at Christmas!
We got to Tewkesbury about 4pm.
14 miles, 3 locks, 2 bridges

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  1. It's been hazy and grey all day here too; plus drizzle :(

    You certainly did spot a lot of mistletoe!