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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Aylesbury - Wendover

Yesterday we kept warm in Aylesbury with a bit of shopping, eating out and staying close to the fire on board. Where has spring gone?

Today it has been a really cold day, but no rain or snow here so we have had a good long day cruising again with plenty of locks to keep warm. Travelling back along the Aylesbury Arm to Marsworth onto the Grand Union, with the wide locks taking us up to the Tring summit.
And on to the next junction, the Wendover Arm, this year we are able to go along to the end with Tacet.  Last year we walked it, the water shortages were a problem.  Today there is plenty of water here and in the 3 reservoirs at Tring.

On the edge of Aylesbury at Broughton a new marina is being built.
the piling round the edge is all there, and the stilts for the mooring gangplanks

looks like lock gates but probably instead of stop planks

completed mooring arms

Black Jack's lock has a wonderful garden being developed, running alongside the canal

looking down from the staircase lock at the top of the arm

The Grand Union curves round the side of the reservoirs at from Marsworth

At the top lock, straight on to London, turn right under the bridge for Wendover

The Mill house beside the top lock features in an old boaty film called The Bargee

Canalside flour mill, still in operation

flour bags being collected by lorry, shame it's not by boat!

So tonight we are moored at the end of the navigation, it doesn't reach Wendover now.

8 miles, 23 locks


  1. We were just up there the beginning of March. It was my first time up the Wendover. I loved it--so peaceful and quiet. Glad to hear you escaped the snow--us too. Folks further north are really getting hammered with spring more like Alaska than England. Stay warm and dry,
    Jaq and Les

    1. Yes it is a lovely spot, we could have stayed longer, but the terrible forecast encouraged to move on whilst it was dry.
      Following you down the Grand Union, hope to catch up with you again.

  2. I agree with 'shame it's not by boat!' The roads would be so much more pleasant if rail and water were utilised for goods.