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Saturday, 30 March 2013

The London Ring!

We have had a lovely day with family and friends who joined us this morning on Ducketts Canal aka Hertford Union.  
We had moored alongside Victoria Park above the locks as when we arrived yesterday it was clear C&RT were working on the top lock and pound below and we weren't going to get any further that way.
We wanted to take our visitors on a cruise and the mini London ring of Ducketts, River Lea, Limehouse Cut, Regents Canal was just right, on a very cold, again, March day.
But with those locks out of action we had to turn around and do the ring the opposite way, just missing out the end of the Ducketts and its 3 locks.
We stopped in Limehouse Basin for lunch and have enjoyed a good old natter, the views of London from the back door, and caught up with all our post and a few goodies ordered via the web.
With others willing to do the locks, I have been on inside duties all day, cups of tea, lunch and nattering, and hardly stepped out all day. As a result no photos.
But amongst those postal goodies was a new, well new to us camera.  Our lovely pocket Panasonic gave up the ghost a while back and we found another on Ebay, just the same, so tomorrow I shall be testing it out, hoping it's as good as the last one.
We are moored just on the Hertford Union close to the junction with the River Lea.

Cormorant sunning himself in Paddington Basin

Paddington - Victoria Park, Hertford Union
8 miles, 8 locks, 2 tunnels

Mini London Ring
4.5 miles, 5 locks

Am having trouble updating statistics and lists on my gadgets.  Blogger keeps coming up with request to correct errors on page.  I don't understand! Have played around and changed the list arrangement but still cannot update it. grrrrrr. Any ideas?

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  1. I'm very familiar with Victoria Park because my husband was Hackney born and bred. Most of his large family still live in the area. One brother-in-law used to work on the Regents Canal, clearing, dredging and general maintenance work in his small section. They lived in a BW canal cottage.