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Friday, 22 March 2013

Beating the Weather

The mooring at the end of the Wendover Arm is so quiet and peaceful although not much of a view.  With the wind blowing a gale and a very cold one at that, we were happy to think of staying put for the day.  But whilst it was dry we wanted to get out and explore.  So we set off to walk across the fields and around Wilstone reservoir to the village of Wilstone where there is a little community shop open in the mornings and we could get a newspaper.  It's a nice little village but I forgot the camera so no pictures today.
On the way back we walked along part of the canal line that is being restored. Ian did get a couple of photos on his phone.........

Once back on board, we had another look at the weather forecast and it's not good. Even colder tomorrow and Sunday, so we decided that perhaps we should move this afternoon and get down to Berkhamsted.  We wanted time to look around tomorrow and somewhere for church on Sunday. Wrapping up warm, we set off about 1 o'clock.

Back on the mainline we passed the Waterways yard at Bulbourne where for many years lock gates have been made.  Some of the buildings are now used for other things but I think C&RT still have part of the site and we could see piles of new stop planks but no gates under construction.

There is a business making metal artwork for homes and gardens in this building. At Cowroast (always amuses me that) lock we leave the summit, it's downhill all the way to London now.

I love these cottages at Dudswell locks on the way down to Berko.

At Northchurch the pumphouse stands beside the lock housing the pump which draws water to feed the canal from a borehole deep down in the chalk beds below. 

Just as we got to our last lock of the day the first of the cold icy rain started to fall. By the time we had tied up and made a cuppa, there was quite a burst of that icy cold white stuff.  Good timing on our part today.

6 miles, 7 locks


  1. This morning, I negotiated the slushy roads with care, arriving at work only to discover that we were closed! The text had come through as I was en route. We were a very select few who stopped for a quick chat before setting off home again.

    Ironically, the snow, which was forecast to be bad all day, had virtually cleared by lunch time! I'm not complaining though. I've had a very useful day at home :)

    1. Hope you gained some 'brownie points' for you efforts!
      Nice to get an extra day especially at the weekend.