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Friday, 15 March 2013

I've started, so I'll finish....

The spring cleaning that is.

Although the weather today has been decidedly unspringlike, I have washed another set of curtains and given the brass and glass at those windows a thorough cleaning. Now I know that Tacet is much smaller than our old home, but doing all of it in one go would be a bit much don't you think?
And there is the distraction of stopping off to explore where we are.  So today we stopped at Cosgrove and walked along to Old Wolverton over the fine aqueduct, 

walking back (taken last year, no blue skies today.)

from river level and site of old locks (more about the site here on last year's blog)

and then once into the Milton Keynes area we stopped  again at Great Linford, but by  this time it was raining quite hard so we just nipped along to get bread and milk from the local One Stop and maybe get to look round tomorrow.

Yardley Gobion - Great Linford
7 miles, 1 lock

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