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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Interesting Boats

Along this stretch of the Grand Union Canal there are some interesting boats.  Here are some we spotted today.........
At Cassiobury, a fantastic wood store,
but behind that is a home for birds of prey.
Errrr? Why?
Not sure this qualifies as a boat anymore.
Just add animals.


  1. Hello. I feel I know you as I read your blog, which I enjoy, thank you - and you have introduced me to Attic 24. I live in Berkhamsted but haven't been on the towpath recently (my boat is at Napton) so missed seeing you going through. Would have told you to stop off (near Sainsburys) at Patchwork Corner, Belswains Lane. Best place in town!!!
    Have been quilting there for a long time!!! Perhaps you know it? Kind regards, Homespun. (aka Angela) Bon voyage.

    1. Oh dear missed that, walking round town in the snow we tended to have heads down and just do the necessary.
      Good to have you along on the journey with us. Sorry we didn't meet up. This blogging malarkey is great for meeting new folk. Attic 24 is great, so inspiring, and we loved going through Skipton last summer seeing those lovely views.