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Saturday, 16 March 2013

I've got a solution

More curtain washing and cleaning again today, and although we had heavy showers on and off all day, we did get bursts of sunshine in between and some lovely rainbows arcing across the fields.

I've been thinking whilst cleaning, polishing and sweeping today, it would be so nice to have one of those boats whose brass is always gleaming, the paintwork free from scratches and rubs, the windows never smeary, and no layers of dust and dog hairs collecting in the corners.

I think I have the solution to how Tacet could be like that.
1) Get rid of Jumble
2) Get rid of Ian
3) Get rid of the stove
4) Tie up and don't move
5) Clean every day

Well that's never going to happen is it? And anyway we bought a boat to travel not to look good. So Tacet will continue to be well used, well loved and well travelled and just occasionally clean and shiny.

Great Linford - Leighton Buzzard
13 miles, 6 locks

1 comment:

  1. I have a similar solution which definitely begins:
    1) Get rid of Ben...
    He's off to University in September. The house will be a lot cleaner, but never spotless.

    Besides which, if Mark can't find a job, he'll come home and take over where Ben left off!