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Thursday, 14 March 2013

One thing leads to another

Whilst lying in bed this morning, we noticed how the air vent above us was looking thick with dust and grime.  Oh dear, we've never taken them down and given them a clean.  So after breakfast, Ian unscrewed the brass plate and wire mesh, he cleaned the mesh and I got the brasso out.
It took a while, but they were soon gleaming and shiny again.
Then as we had a long run with no locks, I took down some of the curtains to put in the washing machine, now the brass rails there needed a polish, back to the brasso!
I put the crochet lace in to soak too, this job is getting bigger..........
Whilst the curtains were down, the glass better be cleaned, and the gutter bit that has collected a winter's worth of muck, that's a lot better.
Oh, "hang spring cleaning"! It's time for a cuppa, the sun is shining, we're nearly at Blisworth now, I'll take a turn at steering. There'll be more to do inside tomorrow.

We know this stretch well as when we first had Tacet and before we moved aboard, she was moored at Blisworth Tunnel boats, so our journeys all started and ended here.

Stoke Bruerne, top lock, canal cottages and museum

Very soon we were through the long tunnel, didn't meet anyone else today and we tied up, for a quick lunch and walk round the village before going down the locks.
half-way down the locks

mosaics under the ugly concrete road bridge
At the bottom lock we met nb Albert and fellow bloggers Steve and Maggie, a cheery wave as we passed by.  Good to see you. Tonight we are moored again in the peace and quiet of the Northamptonshire countryside, what could be better?

Stowe Hill - Yardley Gobion
12.5 miles, 7 locks, 1 tunnel

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  1. One thing leads to another and before you know it, you'll be polishing the whole boat; much better never to start :p