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Monday, 25 March 2013

Sunday Afternoon

We have a bit of a schedule to keep to for a few days, so although it was still so cold and snow was in the air, we decided to move on after church and our lunch on board Tacet.
one of the sights of Berko
commemorating the town's canal heritage

Passing the lovely old and now new buildings of the Berkhamsted wharf, once home to Bridgewater boats.

Being Sunday we couldn't visit the very good and popular butchers close to the bridge at the lock, nor did we have time to stop at the lovely Rising Sun pub at the next lock, a lovely real boatman's pub.

On through more locks, they keep coming every half mile or so along here......
                                         's hard to believe it's the 24th of March today!

As we came along this way last year, the swing bridge at Winkwell was being replaced and we had to wait while the workmen finished something or other and could open it again for us.  Today as we approached another boater came and warned us that it was not working properly and 'the man' was coming out at 4pm to operate it.  Fortunately that was only about 20 minutes away, just enough time to make a cuppa and then we were through.

We intended to moor at Boxmoor, but there wasn't much space and where there was it was rather shallow and we were hitting the bottom so we moved on a bit further, stopping alongside a site with several greenhouses and polytunnels, couldn't see anything growing in them. This little greenhouse was interesting,
if you can see, it is made out of plastic bottles.

4.5 miles, 12 locks, 1 bridge

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