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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Another New Canal

What I mean to say is, we are travelling on a new canal to us.  The Birmingham and Fazeley.
This morning we left our mooring at Streethay, dressed up against the chilly, strong wind that was blowing. It was quite a job to push Tacet away from the bank, but once under way it was not too bad. Though perhaps we didn't slow down quite as much past other boats as usual, in order not to get blown against them.
When we got to Fazeley junction we didn't go on through this bridge as we had before, towards Coventry, we turned to the right,
towards the sun and onto the Birmingham and Fazeley. 
A lovely old mill alongside the canal just through the bridge.
And soon we came to this wonderful folly, Drayton Manor Footbridge.

We also passed nb Kew, but didn't see anyone to say 'Hi' to.
We were soon at Curdworth locks and on our way up the flight of 11.  It felt good to be working our way up a flight again.  I love this little lockside hut at lock 9.
Even the bridge across the by-wash was prettied up with flowers planted along.
Out in the fields this tractor was busy up and down the huge field, with a roller thingy on the front and guess seeding and raking thingy on the back! Not very technical I'm afraid, maybe you farmers out there can help with the proper terms.
Tonight we are in Curdworth, a quiet spot before the trip into Birmingham tomorrow.

13 miles, 11 locks

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  1. The folly bridge is quirky! The seed thingy on the tractor could be a hopper.