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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

In a Fog

A quick post today, its been very grey, foggy weather, but not cold. We needed  to move from our moorings, to run the engine, charge the batteries and do some washing. So we set off round Oozels loop past Sherbourne Wharf.
A quick diversion round Icknield loop to the port at the end, now a C&RT boatyard.
Then onto Smethwick locks and back onto the old Main line where we got some help.
At the first lock a family group were just about to leave, having come to see the canal and being disappointed at seeing no boats.
They helped me work the lock, then we invited them on board for a ride up the next two locks.
We quite often give rides to interested family groups, and allow them to help out with gates. Watching carefully that they are safe of course. These two boys were so excited, I think the big boys were quite chuffed too!  And they were happy to close up the top lock behind us while I hopped back on Tacet.
I busied myself down inside tidying and cleaning and soon we were at Dudley and the Black Country Living Museum. We weren't going to go round the museum this time, but we did sneak up to the chip shop for fish and chips!  Shhhhh, don't tell!

8 miles, 3 locks


  1. Hi Ian & Karen,
    Do they still use beef dripping to fry the chips at the BCLM? Gorgeous taste I can still remember after my last bag over 20 years ago :)

  2. Hi Kevin,
    They do indeed, one of the reasons why we wanted to sneak in and get some.

  3. I can imagine that the family would be extremely chuffed. What a lovely thing to do :)