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Monday, 8 October 2012

Nantwich to Hack Green to Market Drayton

Nantwich town is a little walk away from the canal, but it's a pretty town with the infant river Weaver running along the edge of it.
alms houses on the walk onto town

one of many black & white buildings in the centre

St. Mary's Church
Yesterday we went to the Market Street Baptist Church, where they were holding a baptismal service.  It was good to be able to share in Sue's special day as she gave testimony to God's hand on her life.
It was such a lovely sunny day that we set off after lunch but just a short journey up to Hack Green.  We have been past several times but never stopped to explore the 'Secret Bunker'.
So today we had time to go and explore this large underground building which once was indeed a secret.  It was built to be the centre of regional government in the event of a nuclear attack during the time of the 'Cold War'. It was in use from the time of WWII until 1993.
I found it a bit spooky, there was an atmosphere of tension and fear of the unknown, as the exhibits, films and sound tracks showed the preparations and warnings of what to do in the event of nuclear war breaking out.

Today has been a lovely contrast, although the sun did not break through until late this afternoon, we have enjoyed travelling up the Audlem and Adderley flights of locks.   With lovely countryside views all around us, lots of cows in the fields, and such quiet, peace and tranquility, just as Tacet is meant to be.
At the bottom of Audlem is George's shop, where he sells meat, specially sausages and garden produce grown alongside the lock.
There is still quite a selection of things growing.
On the way up we pass through the village of Audlem, this lockside house, I guess was a toll house for the collection of tolls as the boats passed through.  We had a quick stop to visit the Co-op, Post Office and get a paper. Oh and I sneaked off for a quick look around the craft centre there too.
At one lock this lovely building is standing, rather bigger than the usual lock hut, and with sliding doors in the middle, it looks almost as if it could have been stables, but is on the wrong side of the lock for the horse to get to.
Ian's turn to work locks, I think it will be very pretty along here in a week or so, with the trees changing into their autumn colours.
For today there was just one or two.

Enjoying the Shropshire countryside.

Sunday & Monday
12 miles, 22 locks


  1. I joined a friend for a walk yesterday and was surprised that there weren't more trees showing their autumnal finery.

  2. You were spotted at Hack Green moored up but there was no one at home! We are now in Swanley Bridge Marina for the winter. Enjoy your winter and maybe we will catch up somewhere in 2013.


    NB Mary H