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Thursday, 11 October 2012

To the end of the Shroppie

We got to the end of the Shroppie today, Autherley junction, joining the Staffs & Worc. Canal.
It has been a dull, wet day, quite a contrast to yesterday's sunshine. Though it must be quite a bit warmer outside tonight, as we are overheating inside with our stove going well. 

It's not been the weather for pictures today, so here are a few from the past week on the Shroppie.
Brewood (say Brood) village from the canal

Cadbury's wharf

nb Chertsey

Norbury Junction

Wheaton Aston garage mooring, still the cheapest diesel on the cut.

Garage forecourt, plain and simple

Wheaton Aston Church
Sweet chestnuts opened out on the tree. Not mature enough for eating.
Last year this canal was a good source of fruit, damson, sloes, blackberries.  This year has been disappointing.  I found just a handful of crab apples at Wheaton Aston, not enough for making jelly. I think Captain Ahab and Belle must have been along here already! See Wildside Preserves.

Wednesday & Thursday
16 miles, 2 locks, 1 tunnel

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  1. It has been a disappointing year all round for fruits and berries. My apple tree produced only four fruits and I think sloe gin is out of the question this time!