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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Back to the BCN

We left our quiet, peaceful moorings at the top of Curdworth locks this morning in lovely autumn sunshine. There was still a bit of a breeze but not so rough as yesterday.
We were soon in urban surroundings,
with more modern concrete angular bridges crossing the canal than the old brick curvy ones.
Soon we were approaching this warehouse type building built over the canal.
 Making a wide and lightt tunnel with the sun shining through the arches.

Majestic pylons marching across the scenery from the electricity station.
And soon we were at Salford Junction, under Spaghetti Junction and a choice to be made. Either along the Birmingham & Fazeley to Aston and Farmer's bridge  or the Birmingham & Warwick, (now Grand Union)  to Garrison locks, Digbeth and Farmer's Bridge.
We chose the Birmingham & Warwick as we hadn't been along there with Tacet. It was part of our route when we did the BCN challenge on nb Collingwood in June.
Warwick bar marking the end of the canal with old stop lock and loading bay, at Bordesley junction. We made the turn towards Typhoo basin.
Which was a bit disappointing, no place to tie up for lunch and no other boating activity there.
Then it was on and up the Digbeth locks before the finale of today's cruise, Farmer's bridge flight of 13. It's been a lovely day, we've both enjoyed locking in the sun, and coming back to familiar territory waters.

12 miles, 27 locks, 3 tunnels

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  1. I love the photos from under the warehouse. It's like being in a secret place, peeping out at the world!