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Monday, 15 October 2012

Lichfield Cathedral

From Streethay we caught a bus into Lichfield where we spent the afternoon looking round the town.  Unfortunately after a few sunny days, we got caught in a heavy shower on our way to the Cathedral.
 Still, it was warm and dry inside, with lots to look at and helpful information boards all the way round. The first Saxon church was built here at the shrine of St Chad in 700AD. A Norman, then a Gothic Cathedral followed, and some parts of this can still be seen.
During the reformation and the Civil War, paintings were covered up and statues and figures were defaced or destroyed. Over the following centuries the building has continued to be altered, changed and improved.  Today there are some lovely stained glass windows, marvellous carvings and stonework.
 The large spans across the nave are impressive. Three spires outside make it easy to spot from all around the city. 
To one side, off the north quire there is a room known as the Pedilavium.
 These are recessed seats where  worshippers sit and then have their feet washed, as Jesus once washed his disciples feet. 
On the opposite side of the nave there is a Consistory Court room, where ecclesiastical offences would have been tried in the past.
Also up a narrow staircase is a small chapel of prayer behind a balcony. It is known as St Chad's Head Chapel as once St Chad's bones were kept there as relics and his head shown to pilgrims from the balcony.
Lots of history, stories and lives changed over the last 1300 years from this place of worship.

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  1. I once stood outside the front of this building (didn't go in as I was with my Dad)and remember it being quite overwhelming as it towers up in such a majestic manner.