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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Farmer's Bridge Art Gallery

When we came up the Farmer's Bridge flight back in June, the workmen (artists) were busy at this building painting from scaffolding alongside the lock.  We couldn't appreciate quite what they were doing at the time. Now with the scaffolding all down this is the result.
The shading has been done with small lines of paint spaced differently to make the darker and lighter shades.  Amazing how this was worked out on such a large area.

A little further up and there is a tribute to James Brindley, canal engineer.
It is on a metal strip fixed on the side of a building over the canal.  On closer inspection, it has been cleverly made by punching out holes of differing sizes from the metal to create the darker and lighter shades to depict his face.

At the next lock  there is this graffiti style art depicting Birmingham landmarks,
 actually very clever I thought and not unattractive in it's way.

And finally, I don't know what the graffitiist meant by it, but I think it's a good word.
What does it mean to you?


  1. Possibly an early version of the CRT logo? LOL

  2. Not for publication... I guess you are only in Brum for the weekend. Helen id unwell at the moment and wont be venturing far for a few days yet. But I really would like to get together sometime. Contact point:

  3. Trust = faith or belief, sometimes, mingled with hope (especially when the trust is being placed in fallible man). When being placed in infallible God, it = life in all its fullness.