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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Birds of Prey overhead

We left Whitchurch after a wander round the town yesterday morning. The weather was back to cloudy and a chilly wind, but winding bridges up and down and working locks kept us me warm.
cottages at the bottom of Grindley Brook locks
We enjoyed a quiet night spot last night outside Wrenbury, well quiet except for the owl that was busy outside with a lot of twit-twoo-ing.
This morning as I took Jumble out there was no sign of Mr Owl of course, but a bird of prey was out and about, I think it was a sparrowhawk, but not sure.
Then as we were working our way down the Hurlseton flight there were several kestrels about, we watched them hovering over the field then diving down.
Catching some poor little mouse I expect.
So we have left the Llangollen
 and are back on the Shroppie, moored tonight on the high embankment above Nantwich. 
We arrived here in warm sunny weather, so took the opportunity to wash the roof and side of Tacet, giving her a polish too.

8 miles, 10 locks, 3 bridges

7 miles, 9 locks

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  1. A pair of buzzards were flying around behind our tent in the Langdale Valley last weekend. I do love birds of prey :)