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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Merely Wandering

Around this area of Shropshire there are several large glacial meres (lakes) the largest of these is called simply the Mere and is just north of the town of Ellesmere. Our journey along the canal takes us alongside two other meres, Blake Mere and Cole Mere.
Last night we moved away from the wharf at Ellesmere and moored alongside Blake Mere, 
giving us lovely views out of the window.

This morning in the lovely warm sunshine we set out to walk around and explore the meres further. 
 We couldn't walk far round Blake Mere as the land to the edge is privately owned.

So we set off back towards the Mere where we found we could follow a woodland trail for a couple of miles. 
 It was so calm and still, looking very beautiful in the sun.
The Mere covers 48 hectares (70 football pitches) and is home to a wide range of ducks and geese, swans, herons and moorhens, and probably more beside.
The church of St. Mary's looks down over the Mere.
As we started our walk round we could see how some of the trees were beginning to show their autumn colours, whilst others are still green.

There are sculptures dotted through the woodland walk, with this one in a shady glade. Maybe it's a reminder to listen as well as look. 
Across the Mere to the church
There is a newly renovated visitor centre beside the mere and with the help of closed circuit cameras you can watch the herons on the island just a little way out on the water. As it's not the nesting season, not too much was going on at the heronry today.

It was so nice to enjoy the serenity of the water, in the sunshine, with no wind or rain to worry about today.
Once we were back on Tacet we just wanted to get going and make the best of good cruising weather too. On the way to Whitchurch there are no locks, just a few lift bridges, so I got the washing machine going, and did a bit of tidying and cleaning on the way.
We are moored on the Whitchurch arm tonight, and will walk into town tomorrow.

Wednesday & Thursday
12 miles, 0 locks, 3 bridges, 1 tunnel


  1. You are currently moored at one of our 'top 5' spots - it's one helluva view to entertain you whilst your doing the washing up!