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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Market Drayton

This morning we walked into the town centre of Market Drayton, we were here last year, but neither of us could really remember anything about the town. Sadly it is a rather sad town, lots of  closed shops, very quiet, not much going on. Perhaps that's why we didn't remember it.
  Maybe on market day (Wednesday) it would be different. But today it felt a bit like Market Drearytown, sorry.

The church looked lovely in the sunshine and there were Mums and Toddlers inside, busy making things together.
The Buttercross in the centre was a bit crowded with the shops and traffic going past.
Market Drayton is known as the town where Gingerbread was first made and we found a number of building claiming to be where gingerbread was first made or sold. We didn't find any to buy today though.
 However there were some lovely autumnal trees around.
Back to Tacet and we set off again, and were soon at our only locks for the day, the Tyrley flight of 5.

Evidence of the pink sandstone seen in so many churches and other buildings around this area.
Then the canal takes a route through deep cuttings and high embankments, with the sun shining through the leafy canopy it was beautiful.
This tall swishy grass growing beside the canal was tempting to go walking through as in the book 'Going on a bear hunt.' I guess it is grown for thatch.
Also spotted on the way today, this wonderfully named boat.
 But I don't think Jumble himself appreciated it. I wonder if they have a Jumble dog too.

14 miles, 5 locks


  1. Quite agree with what you have written about Market Drayton!

    We are off home tomorrow but I will keep up with your blog and maybe our paths will cross across next year.

    NB Mary H

    1. Think the best bit is along the canal, but then I probably would!

  2. That tree looks lovely against the bright blue sky. Autumn colours are suddenly appearing all over the place.