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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Fruitful Saxilby then onto the Chesterfield

First of all one last look at Lincoln.  The city makes the most of the navigation passing through, with lots of eating places along one side of Brayford Pool and the University on the other, then onto the river Witham and through the Glory Hole and the shops are alongside with some of the town’s oldest pubs.

P1030426 P1030429 P1030431


The modern sculpture crossing the river and the Glory Hole with shops over the bridge.








We got to Saxilby at lunchtime, timed to get to the Fish & Chip shop, then afterwards a wander round the village.





P1030435 P1030436

Motorbike and Sidecar envy – Remember commandment no.10.  We later saw a large dog riding in the sidecar.

 P1030437 P1030441 P1030442


Alongside the canal were lots of cherry trees, couldn’t pass up the chance of a free bowlful of delicious sweet cherries.



We moored at Torksey for the night, ready for going out on the Trent today, the tide will be right at mid-day.

P1030444 P1030447

First river sighting is the remains of Torksey castle.

Then the river is the river is the river for miles and miles, with high banks and not much other than power stations to see. At the start of our journey we were pushing against the tide, til about 1 o’clock when it turned and after about 10 miles we were whizzing by Gainsborough.

P1030451 P1030452 P1030453 P1030455 P1030456 


The banks are high, and the old wharves, warehouses and mills have mostly been converted to apartments or offices.



P1030459   P1030461

Once at East Stockwith, we passed the entrance to the lock, turned and slowly made our way against the tide and into the lock, just about made it in with no knocks or scrapes along with nb Mintaka who managed to sneak in before us!  They managed a clever turn before the lock and reversed back and then into the lock.




nb Wyrd waiting out on the river for the lock to be turned after we had gone up.



And so we are back on a quiet canal, the Chesterfield, we just worked up the 2 locks at Misterton, working up with a hire boat just leaving the basin. A family from Switzerland, very excited about being on the canal and doing locks.

P1030462 P1030463

Friday and Saturday

Lincoln – Misterton, 28 miles, 4 locks

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