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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Thundering and Lightning

Very, very frightening………… well we don’t mind it, but Jumble doesn’t like it at all. He hides in the bathroom!

It started last evening, with showers on and off overnight, a heavy downpour with lightning during our voyage this morning and this evening…………. well, even we got a bit concerned, especially as we are on a river.

However, when we arrived here at Newark at lunchtime the clouds were dispersing and we had a very pleasant sunny afternoon sauntering around this lovely historic town.

The origins of the town are possibly Roman as it lies on an important Roman road, the Fosse Way. The town grew around Newark Castle beside the river, now ruined, and a large marketplace, lined with historic buildings. It was a local centre for the wool and cloth trade. During the English Civil War it was besieged by Parliamentary forces, and was relieved by Prince Rupert in a battle known as the Relief of Newark.



You can just see the roof of Tacet moored against the wall opposite the castle.







Looking down river to the castle and Trent bridge from the Town lock.




P1030325 P1030326 P1030327 P1030328

The impressively large market square with historic buildings surrounding it.

 P1030332 P1030345 P1030331


The spire of the the parish church of St Mary Magdalene stands out to be seen way above the town, but the rest of the church is hidden behind the shops and other buildings around the market square.  The very tall chimney was built to serve the boiler for the churches heating system in 1854.




  P1030339 P1030340 P1030341 P1030337




Around the ruins of the castle with a peek out of the windows at Tacet and up river to the lock.






One more, it was a shame we couldn’t get Tacet in the view, but what a great place to be moored up.



Hazelford Lock – Newark, 7.5 miles, 2 locks


  1. Beautiful photos which really show off Newark at its best.
    I'm off to the Newark and Nottinghamshire Showground on Saturday to be involved in New Wine - set-up next week then the event starts on Saturday! Can't wait :)

    1. The summer holidays have arrived! Have a great time at New Wine, hope the weather stays good for you.
      Karen x

  2. Ah, you're in my home area now. Had lots of relatives who lived in and around Newark. In fact a great-uncle died of a heart attack up in the belfry in the church spire; he was a bell-ringer! So now every time I see the spire - and it's visible for miles around - I think of Uncle Clarence!

    1. It's a lovely town, so much history and it has a unique, interesting feel as you wander around.