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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sailing into the Sunset

We left Leicester at about half three on Tuesday afternoon.  It was still really hot, but we were looking forward to cruising into the evening as the weather hopefully cooled a little.

Lleicester (1)

After just a couple of locks the busyness of Leicester city is left behind and we were once again out in the open countryside, passing wildlife reserves and following the river valley down towards Loughborough.  The river Soar flows in and out of the navigation at various points along here, so it has a more river-y feel.


We passed the old mills at Cossington and Sileby reaching Mountsorrell just after 8pm.  The visitor moorings above the lock were full and boats were moored on the lock mooring too, we’ve never found space here, even in February and April, so we stopped at our usual place on the bank below the lock and opposite the weir, which actually suits us better.

Mountsorrell (1) Mountsorrell (10) Mountsorrell (11) Mountsorrell (12)

Before we got too settled and had our meal we went off to walk up castle hill to the site of the war memorial where we would get good views as the sun was going down.  It was still too hot for Jumble, so we left him guarding the boat and went off ourselves.

 Mountsorrell (6) Mountsorrell (3) Mountsorrell (8) Mountsorrell (5)

It’s a great little village, we had a little wander around but our tummies were rumbling by now so we set off back to Tacet and something to eat.

Mountsorrell (9)



Buttercross at the centre of the village.





We made a reasonably early start today, making our way into Loughborough. I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow.


  1. caroline brent18 July 2013 at 14:00

    Hi, I read your blog among several others. We intend (weather permitting) to do the Leicester ring late sept, not sure which way to go round it clockwise or anti, I'd appreciate your view. Also where in Leicester are the castle moorings?

  2. Although we have been this way several times, we have mostly travelled anti-clockwise at least along the Leicester line bit. I'm sure it doesn't matter although I suppose on the rivery section you are travelling with the flow.
    The Castle Garden moorings are just before West Bridge (number 3) in Nicholson's guide at the end of the straight mile section. There are mooring rings and bollards on the opposite bank, useful for Tesco stop and ok for a day stop I'm sure, but the secure moorings are obviously better. We have never experienced any noise or trouble along the river at all. There is room for 4 boats on the pontoon, but often people breast up.
    Have a good trip.

  3. What an amazing photograph, and story. It reminds me of sailing with my uncle- I couldn't wait to raise the nautical flags or a chance to steer for a just a few minutes. Thanks for sharing... Click Here