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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Hot, hot, hot

There’s been a lot more people out messing about on, and by the river today; dogs swimming, kids jumping in, canoes, picnics on the bank, birdwatchers and one or two other boaters passing by.  It’s been a glorious summer day, a perfect day to be on the river.

 DSCF2685 DSCF2687

It was tempting to go for a swim in the beautiful clear water, but we just contented ourselves with dangling our toes over the edge, it did feel good, just watch out for the fish and the weeds between your toes!


Anyway back to our journey, yesterday we had a further walk around Fotheringhay between painting jobs and moving off. There was a castle here until the 1600’s, famous as the birthplace of King Richard III and the place of imprisonment and execution of Mary, Queen of Scots.

P1100216 P1100241 P1100242 P1100243 P1100250 P1100251 P1100253

All that is left now is the motte, a part of the moat, now dry, and a lump of the castle wall.  Some of the buildings nearby would have been part of the castle complex and have survived to date with some alteration I guess.




We were able to share a few locks with nb Pacemaker who we first saw on the Middle Levels, then we were on our own ‘til we got to Islip Mill.  The moorings had 3 boats on already, with just a little space at the end, as we came along the owners kindly all jumped up from their chairs in the sun and pulled and pushed their boats along to make a bit more room. A lovely welcome. 



Work in progress, on these hot days, painting can only be done early morning or evening.




Travelling the Nene there seems to always be a church in view, most have tall spires with little windows in and can be seen from a long way off.  The bridges are lovely too, much older and wider than canal bridges, I love them, very picture-skew. They make up for the locks which I find too mechanical and not nearly so pretty as canal locks.

DSCF2692 DSCF2694 DSCF2696 DSCF2702

We decided we wanted to stop before we got to the town moorings in Wellingborough, although we shall go to church there tomorrow, and we managed to get onto the bank just above the high rail bridge at Ditchford, just right. Poor old Jumble needs the plank, his back legs don’t have the jump in them they used to. He’s really begun to be an old boy in the last few weeks.  In fact as I am typing this he has just crept back on board, leaving Ian to go on a walk alone!

P1090770 Islip – Ditchford

10 miles, 8 locks

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  1. Poor Jumble. He's going to find it strange adapting back to house life too.