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Monday, 22 July 2013

Home Alone

Friday was another blistering hot day and I had the the day to myself.  Mr B was off for the day, going to work, poor thing, and visiting his Mum, so Jumble and I had a day to do just as we pleased. As it was an early start for Ian, I got going too, I did have one job to help with Ian’s painting progress, and the best time for that is early in this hot weather.  I also wanted to do a Sainsbury’s shop and that too needed to be carried back before it got too hot.  So by 9am I had done the painting and the shopping, what to do now?MATISSE
There was an exhibition in the Town Hall – Matisse, drawing with scissors,
Lunch in the park, people watching.
A bit of shop dawdling, charity, book and wool, and market browsing.
And time at home, sitting in the shade on the bank, reading, knitting, dreaming, drinking homemade lemonade and enjoying summer.

Here’s a little peek at what I have been busy knitting, I’ve been really enjoying this over the past few days………………
Lots of little bits and pieces, to make……………
P1030120 ear
A bit of embroidery………..
P1030120 mouth
Some tiny clothes………….
P1030120 feet
and here she is, she looks so sweet sitting here,
I have enjoyed making her and putting her in different places around Tacet to appreciate.  She won’t be staying long, she will go off to be a new baby’s friend soon.  But right now, I think she should have another bunny friend.  I’ll just have to start another……..
Where’s the wool and the needles?

PS. The lovely pattern can be found on Julie's blog, Little Cotton Rabbits.  She is a very talented lady, who writes about her knitting and coping with her autistic son.

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