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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Chesterfield so far……….

Since we came on to the Chesterfield canal, I have neglected to take many photos, I have neglected to post a blog and I have neglected to think of anything good to write.

However that is not a proper reflection of this lovely canal or the towns and villages along its way and so now I shall try to put together something to show for our last few days.

On Sunday morning we went to the Methodist church in Misterton, bringing the congregation total up to 10 and the average age down to about 70!

P1030464Drakeholes tunnel 

We moved on afterwards thinking we might get to Retford, which wasn’t impossible, but it was a showery afternoon, short bursts of rain, which actually were quite welcome and cooling and not too much bother, until we got to Clarborough, when it tipped down and since we were right at a mooring place, we stopped and secured Tacet and dried off and settled down for the evening.

P1030465 P1030466

Whitsunday Pie Lock, the canalside house is for sale,

On Monday then it was just a short hop into Retford where we found space right behind Lidl, handy for stocking up on food and also to wander into town for lunch.  We remembered the place quite well from when we were here 2 years ago and we made a visit to the local museum which was a bit disappointing, before we resumed our journey again.

P1030468Retford’s Market Square and Town Hall

It’s a bit tricky finding places to moor along here, there are not many designated mooring spots, which doesn’t usually bother us, a bank and pegs suit us fine, but here the banks are lined with reeds and the edges are very shallow, so it took a while to find a spot last night just before Ranby and away from the road noise.  It still required a plank to reach the bank, and Jumble had a little accident on the way back last night. He slipped off the plank and went for a paddle, oh well at least he was cooled down to get off to sleep.

P1030469 P1030471

Beautiful scenery and reed lined cut


We have lift-off!

Today we had a stop in Worksop, again timed just right for lunch out. No cooking for me again tonight!  It has a bit of a run down feel to it in places, but still worth a wander around.  Last time we were here we visited Mr Straw’s House (NT property) with our neices who were staying with us.

P1030484 P1030487 P1030488 P1030490 P1030491

Evidence of the working life of the canal; a pumping engine house; a flour mill, still in use, but not using the waterway; the building over the canal, not sure what its role was; and grand architecture when you look above the modern shopfronts.




And then we moved out of the town and were soon into lovely countryside, through Rhodesia (not the African one!) and up to Shireoaks.  But we didn’t stop yet, we thought we would make a start on the last locks ahead, 26 of them.  We just did 3 and moored between a larger than most gap between the locks of this flight.  It’s lovely and quiet, with a few cyclists and dog walkers passing on the towpath also enjoying this lovely summer evening in Derbyshire.

P1030495 P1030496

Haggonfields lock, Rhodesia and bottom of Shireoaks locks


Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Misterton-Clarborough-Ranby-Broadwood, 27 miles, 24 locks, 1 tunnel

Bother, now there’s no internet signal, so it could be a while longer before this gets posted!!!


  1. We at Richlow Guides would like to point out that you should be careful what you say in these parts. The beautiful Turnerwood and Thorpe Flights are proudly in Yorkshire. You crossed the Notts/Yorks border on the aqueduct above Shireoaks that's why there is a boundary lock there. You have to go down the other side of the ridge before you get to Derbyshire.

    1. Oh dear, I do get confused, in and out of so many counties around here!

  2. Poor Jumble, hope he's OK after his late night dip! The pictures look lovely of the area.

    1. Jumble's ok, nowadays he prefers a swim to a walk. He had another 'turn' like he had in Bristol the other day. But he recovered quickly again.
      It really is beautiful here and SOOOO quiet.