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Friday, 5 July 2013

Great to be back on the Nene

It’s such a lovely river, we’re enjoying the sound of birdsong, we’re enjoying the changing views, we’re enjoying the locks, we’re enjoying the sun.


Whilst we were at Peterborough we had a good hard surface to work from and we used the quiet space away from the town centre moorings to do a few painting jobs.  That is, Ian did.  We’re trying to get a few areas painted, and more presentable as we have to prepare for selling Tacet at the end of the year. But we don’t want to think too much about that now.


Before leaving Peterborough (I won’t repeat pictures of the city) posted when we came downriver, we went down to the Dog-in-a-Doublet lock which takes you onto the tidal Nene down to Wisbech and out to sea. 

P1100196 P1100197 P1100198


Talking to the lock-keeper we were tempted to go down, but with timings etc, decided we’d give it a miss, so we turned around and have got back into the swing of regular locks again, sharing them with a single handed narrowboater.  Yesterday was a lovely day.


We got to Fotheringhay at about 8.30, we love cruising into the evening like that, and moored below the wonderful church with the big square tower, I remember my brother calling them squirches when we were little.

P1100222 P1100224 P1100231   

And along the way we enjoyed passing through Water Newton……..

P1100202  P1100206 P1100207 P1100208

And Wansford………..



Peterborough – Fotheringhay



  1. Are we likely to see you on the Grand Union? we should be leaving London soon and heading north, we seem to have got stuck here?! But so enjoying it, reading your blog is saving us having to do any travelling, great as always. xx

    1. Could well do, would love to see you again. From Gayton, heading to Norton Junction and the Leicester line and the Trent. I don't think I could keep up with your partying. Enjoying the peace and quiet of the Nene very much.

  2. Hi Karen and Ian, Showed my eldest son your blog site, he was impressed and we like one of your best photos of Tacet with the church in the background, keep up the good work, like reading about your adventures,

    David and Tim Welch in OZ.

    1. Rather pleased with that shot, might make it my header for the blog.

  3. Jill, Matilda Rose6 July 2013 at 08:13

    How long did it take the farmer at Fotheringhay to jump out with his tin to collect your mooring fee? I think his record is 30 seconds! x

    1. We got tied up with both ropes and went off for a walk, leaving our money for him. We'd heard he was quick off the mark.