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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Loving Leicester

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We do like the city of Leicester and feel quite sad when we meet boaters who say they just get through it as quickly as possible, thinking it’s not a good place to stop.  The secure moorings at Castle Gardens are fine, with our own private locked entry through the park for after dark or 8pm, so for Jumble's last walk in the evening we have our own secluded quiet garden to walk round and enjoy.
The city is a rich mix of cultures and heritage built on the wealth of the woollen and boot and shoe industries. It has a long history from Roman times, and its history can be traced through the different styles of buildings still standing from over the years. There was a castle here, next to the river as Castle Gardens would suggest.

There’s been a flourishing market for the past 700 years, now the largest outdoor market in the UK.

For those at home, Mr Cottingham is still trading here, though I think he could do with a new sign board!
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Many churches and temples serve the various religious groups that have settled here too. We have visited the Jain temple before.

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A very large Asian population has grown, centred around the golden mile, a mini India where you can buy spices, gold, beautiful textiles, in fact, all things Asian, looked over by a statue of Ghandi.

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Today two thriving universities bring many young people here to study, and we have seen some of them moving around town in their gowns, celebrating graduation day with their families, over the past two days.

                                             And of course there’s Richard III.

Remember him? The last Plantagenet King………..killed at the Battle of Bosworth………….bringing in the Tudor monarchy…………….. buried quietly hoping people would forget about him…………and found last year under the car park.
Leicester makes much of the last English King to die in battle at nearby Bosworth and his burial in the Friary church quietly by the friars to give him a bit of dignity after the ignominy of his death.
An exhibition in the guildhall next to the cathedral tells the story of the archaeological dig which led to the discovery of his skeleton last year.  The years of research had paid off, and they were able to dig with such accuracy to find what they hoped was there. DNA testing, bioarcheaology and lots of other clever stuff show that this really is the body of Richard III, an amazing story.
There’s so much to see and do here, this was our fourth visit and I’m sure there’s more.  We could have stayed longer but there was good reason to move, which you’ll hear about tomorrow, meanwhile here are a few more pictures from around and about Lovely Leicester.
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Monday and Tuesday
19 miles, 24 locks

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