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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Still No Photos

One reason is that today I haven’t taken many and the other is that the ones I have been happily taking with the new camera, I can’t retrieve from the SD card.  I must have got something wrong.  I’ll go back to reading the instructions.  Yesterday all seemed to be fine, just didn’t have the chance to get to the computer and post a blog and save the pictures, today the card is rejected. Oh bother.

Yesterday we left Northampton and made our way up the 17 locks of the Northampton Arm and back to the well-known waters of the Grand Union Canal. It was a very hot day in the sun, so we kept slapping on the suncream, drinking lemonade and elderflower cordial, and with our skin glistening and browning in the heat it was a lovely trip and good to be back on the mainline again.  We turned right (ok, starboard) at Gayton junction passing the familiar canal side places, Bugbrooke, Nether Heyford, High House and Stowe Hill wharves, til we got to Weedon.

Here the plan was to visit the Fish and Chip establishment after washing down the boat, but that was foiled because it is closed on Tuesdays!  However the pub next door does 2for1 meals at a good price, even better, so after a quick shower and clean clothes it made a really nice treat for us to eat out in the evening, enjoying the last bit of warmth of the day. 


A picture from a few mornings ago, lambs fleece covered in dew.  It reminded me of the Bible story of Gideon’s Fleece, I think we might be putting out a few of these over the next few months.


  1. Have you fallen into the trap I did. Nice new camera with big SD card only to find the old card reader does not recognise anything over 4Gb.

    1. Don't think that's it. Using SD cards we already had. Found one that seems to be working now. Today's post will be the test.