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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Newark to Lincoln

Gosh we must have covered some miles today, I haven’t counted up yet, we’ll see by the end of the blog.
The view from the kitchen window this morning was not one to boast about………

moored as we were against the high walls in Newark.

However the view from the other side was rather special………..


the surviving curtain wall of Newark Castle, I love the fact my view changes all the time, even washing up is no longer a chore when the picture outside is different to yesterday’s.

P1030349 P1030350
As we left Newark behind, the river was like chocolate soup after all the rain last night, with the level up a bit. Not surprising since our bucket had collected 5” of water over the last 36 hours!
It was lovely to be in the sunshine again, just a nice temperature, hot, but not too hot, and soon we were at Cromwell lock where we joined a number of boats waiting to go through on the tide between 11 and 12 o’clock.

When it came to our turn, there were 5 narrowboats going down together, and there was still loads of room.


Our little flotilla leaving Cromwell, all heading to Torksey.

P1030352 P1030354 P1030358P1030363   P1030361
Some of the sights of the Tidal Trent;  you’re never far from a power station;
dredging going on in the middle of the river, and a huge barge coming to replace the one filled by the dredger;
the welcome sign pointing to the safety of Torksey and the Fossdyke navigation.

P1030365 P1030366 P1030368

At Torksey lock, which has six pairs of gates! and a not very tall road bridge across the middle of it.


We had thought we would stop at Saxilby, but there were no spaces on the visitor moorings and since the weather was perfect and the going good we carried on, soon we could see the towers of Lincoln Cathedral across the fields. And just as we approached the visitor moorings in Lincoln, a cruiser was leaving and we pulled into his space. Perfect timing.


Lincoln Cathedral across Brayford Pool tonight.

Now let’s count up those miles….
Newark – Lincoln, 30.5 miles, 3 locks


  1. Malcolm Richardson25 July 2013 at 15:32

    I hope you enjoy your visit to the Fosdyke/Witham etc.

    Last summer the weed was very bad on the Witham. C&RT have made a concerted effort this year to improve the situation but there has been little feed-back. (Hopefully no news is good news). If possible could you include an update on the weed situation in your posts.

    1. We're not intending to go any further than Lincoln this time as we went down to Boston 2 years ago at the start of our journey. So this was just a quick visit and break from the Trent. Haven't heard of any weed problems on the 'towpath telegraph'.

  2. Mal Richardson26 July 2013 at 11:21

    Thanks Karen