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Monday, 8 July 2013



A few days ago our camera refused to turn on properly and so making it a bit hopeless trying to get pictures.  We had been very pleased with the quality of the pictures it took and it was actually a fairly recent, cheap e-bay replacement for one we had had for several years. Both had succumbed to the same problem though, a fault with the model?

Coming up with an interesting blog with no pictures is definitely beyond me so another was needed to help me out.  It could be counted a birthday present so a little research was done and we noted Paul and Elaine’s wonderful photos on their blog with their new camera and so today when we got to Northampton, where we needed a few bits and bobs from the shops anyway, we went on a hunt for the camera shop.

It will take all evening to understand all the things I can do with it, besides taking pictures. It comes with a DVD with instruction for the advanced features.  Just now I’m quite pleased to have managed to put it on charge.  Although an updated version of our old one the batteries are just slightly different and don’t fit in the old 12v charger!

So now we have another set of leads, plugs, USB cables, batteries for this new gadget. I do get a bit fed up with so many wires all over the place, aahh such is life in the 21st century.

Anyway I’m sure you’ve had enough of my ramblings and I have a few pictures not shown yet to break up the monotony.



Sunset over the lake near Wellingborough








Thistles growing on the castle mound at Fotheringhay, appropriately so since this was the place where Mary, Queen of Scots was imprisoned and eventually executed.






And after getting hot and sticky watching Andy Murray win the Wimbledon Championship (Brilliant, wasn’t it!), Ian and Jumble cool off in the river. (Found the old, simple camera with just enough life in it)



Oh did you want to know what we got?  A Panasonic Lumix TZ40. Hopefully there will some pictures from it tomorrow.


Sunday and Monday, Wellingborough – Northampton

10.5 miles, 14 locks

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